Mage Magic Amulet Silver Necklace


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Mage Amulet Necklace

The magican, wielding knowledge and magic as dangerous as any sword, able to fell the mightiest of foes with a whisper or simple gesture of the hand. Inspired by RPG fantasy archetypes and tropes, this necklace is embossed with a flaming hand and all seeing eye design. This amulet calls to those who’s power lies not in physical strength, but mastery of the mind and the unseen. Amplify your mana with this charm.

After drawing up the design for the mage pendant I transform and model the image in to a physical stamp. I use a special metal clay, made from 99% pure silver, to form the medallion shape then carefully emboss and create the amazing design with my custom stamp. After firing the piece to burn off the binding clay you are left with the solid fine silver amulet. I shape a bail and chunky jump ring, which are then individually soldered on by hand to turn the amulet in to a pendant. Due to the methods used to produce this necklace, no two pieces will be exactly the same making each one unique and one of a kind. This design can also be forged in gold.

– 3D embossed mountain and arrow design
– Oxidised finish to give an aged, distressed look.
– With 18” belcher chain.
– Charm measures around 18mm not including bail.

Materials: 999 Fine Silver, 925 Sterling Silver

Weight 70 g