Caring For Your Jewellery

Tips to keep your jewellery looking it’s best – caring for your jewellery

  • Although our designs are made to withstand everyday wear, avoid wearing it anytime there’s a high risk of it being caught or knocked (such as washing up, gardening or DIY.) This may cause damage to stones or scratch/bend the metal. Stones can also get chipped or lost if your piece is dropped on a hard floor so keep it safe when not being worn.
  • A bit of water will do most jewellery no harm, but avoid prolonged soaking or exposure to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or moisturiser. Any perfumes or lotions should be put on before your jewellery.
  • Always remove jewellery before bathing or swimming. chlorine and salt water don’t always mix well with precious metals, sterling silver in particular, so can tarnish and blacken your jewellery.
  • We do not plate and only use precious metals in our designs, but over time many metals (including hallmarked silver) will oxidise. This is nothing to worry about and just gives the piece a darkened, coppery appearance. Sometimes tarnish can transfer to skin, but it is a completely natural and harmless reaction due to the copper content in the metal. Exposure to chemicals such as chlorine or soaps, as well as humidity and PH levels on skin can speed up this reaction. Use a metal polishing cloth or the recommended method below to restore the shine to your piece.
  • we recommend storing jewellery in an airtight container long term to avoid tarnish if not being worn. small grip seal bags work well.
  • A soft bristled brush, like a toothbrush, can be useful to get into small nooks and crannies when cleaning jewellery. Extra care should be taken any time you are cleaning jewellery set with precious stones or pearls. They can get scratched, loosened or damaged easily.
  • It is best not to polish jewellery that has been deliberately antiqued as part of the design as this will remove the finish.

*Top Tip*

For super shiny silver;

add 1 tsp of both salt and bicarb to hot water in a bowl before placing a piece of aluminium foil in the bottom. Place the jewellery on top of the foil for a few minutes and the tarnish will lift. Finish with a quick rinse in clean water and polish with a soft cloth. This method is not suitable for deliberately distressed pieces though as it will remove the patina.